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Exiting the business you own either partially or fully can be a stressful affair. The huge body of advisory businesses both large and small who feed in this niche pond serve to illustrate how many smart people stand ready to separate you from your hard earned wealth in exchange for ‘guidance’.

Whilst the option of a Trade Sale to a competitive company can seem lucrative and simple there are big strings attached. Not the least being the often lengthy list of post completion obligations. In this scenario the brand you have developed and the team you have built will likely be swallowed whole never to be seen again.

The option of selling to management through either MBO or MBI can therefore offer compelling benefits over the Trade Sale option:

  • Brand retained / developed
  • Loyal team protected
  • Engagement / Interest / Reward beyond completion

However an MBO or MBI requires a Management team with the proven ability to plan, lead and execute this transaction.

Rembrandt have many years of experience specifying and populating MBO / MBI teams with exceptionally, well proven leaders who can ensure a successful exit for you. Having trodden the path through the corporate finance maze we also have a well-developed sense of the do’s and don’ts associated with the various funding options the BO or BI team might pursue.

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